Handmade boutique items for your home or a gift for someone special

Handmade boutique items for your home or a gift for someone special

Handmade boutique items for your home or a gift for someone specialHandmade boutique items for your home or a gift for someone special

♥ Books make me happy ♥


Hello Summer by Mary Kay Andrews

I have read Mary Kay Andrews books before and adore her style of writing. This book did not disappoint. 

I always appreciate the strong female lead characters and the southern settings.

The main character, Conley returns home after finding out her future place of employment as a journalist has closed. Home is also where her sister has been keeping everything running, (the family newspaper and their grandmother) on her own and resents that Conley didn't stay, so she is pretty mean to Conley. I wanted to scream at her to stop being a bully, and at the same time I wanted to hug her because it was so easy to relate to her feelings. 

The story reflects on small town politics and  issues that draw you in. I read this book in one night because every time I was going to stop the plot thickened. Did I forget to mention the story involves a murder? I was so completely consumed with the story being told. 

I loved the book and would recommend it to anyone who loves a well written story about family dynamics, startling secrets, gossip and mystery!

I was supplied this book to review by NetGalley  but in no way impacts my thoughts on the work.

♥ Books make me happy ♥


Grown Ups by Marian Keyes

 I have always enjoyed stories told through Marian Keyes' eyes. She always gives you your money's worth with the volume of pages and her amazing ability with character development.
This is a story about secrets and vulnerabilities, and the way one's past can impact who they are in the future. It seems that all the adults in the Casey clan may have a little flaw in their character to hide. It all starts with Ed's, the middle out of the 3 Casey brothers, wife (Cara) receiving a hit to the head that causes a concussion. That concussion causes Cara to blurt out some secrets at a family dinner. The story then takes you to a family Easter getaway that reflects on how the characters relate to each other to help see how they have ended up at that secret revealing family dinner.
I enjoyed reading about how a large family can hide so much while appearing to be so close. All the characters were smart and easy to relate to, but the one who stood out to me was Cara. Even though I found her exhausting, with her body issues, she was a hard working woman succeeding in a career made from the under-appreciated work of public service. Cara is also the reason they all confront their issues in the end.
Unlike the title of the book, not one of the adults appear to be as grown up as Bridey, the younger daughter of Johnny (oldest brother) and his very successful wife,Jessie. Bridey is so grown up acting that you can't help laughing at the way she interacts with the rest of the family.
If you enjoy reading about large family dynamics, romance and the chance to find out that your family isn't the only family with issues this is the book for you. I LOVED IT!!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada/Doubleday Canada for sharing one of my favorite author’s ARC with me for my honest review.

♥ Books make me happy ♥


Lowcountry Bookshop by Susan M. Boyer

 Lowcountry Bookshop in spite of the murder investigation, is just plain good fun, and with all the vivid details and little bits of info only a local would know of Charleston SC, you can’t help being drawn in.
The two leads, Liz and Nate, are local Investigators and are so cute and perfect for each other. In spite of some of the craziness that is going on at Liz’s family home, they are able to solve another case.
Hired by an attorney representing a client who wants to remain anonymous, Liz and Nate investigate an accident that happens on a rainy night. The person being accused, Poppy, appears to be too well liked and kind to be involved. What could her motive be? How does a local Lowcountry Bookshop fit in?
As with all Susan Boyer books, I was left entertained, smiling from ear to ear and anxiously awaiting her next book.


The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

 I read the Silent Wife in 1 day. I really liked it. This is a fascinating and thought provoking novel. A.S.A Harrison does not spoon feed you every detail, you have to interpret what is going on by using your own imagination. All the answers are in the story, you just have to work for them. It is told through the eyes of both main characters (the "husband" and Wife") and they both are so flawed that with all the psychology quotes you will feel like you can diagnose them both as needing much therapy. I'm not sure how I feel about the genre being described as a thriller and being compared to "Gone Girl". I would describe it as a Psychological Suspense, and honestly I can't compare it to anything I have ever read.

Kendel Lynn - Shake Down - Book Reviews - Book Club - Author - love reading - Susan M Boyer

Shake Down by Kendel Lynn

 I adore cozy mysteries and Shake Down had all the makings of a great one! I loved it!
The storyline is about a missing maid of honor and has so many twists and turns that when you get to the end you will wonder how you didn't see who the bad guy was. I can honestly say I read a ton of books in this genre and it took me by surprise!
The main character, Elliott Lisbon, is a P.I in training with an entourage of quirky characters and a handsome love interest.
I look forward to reading the next book in this series!

♥ Books make me happy ♥


Barbarians at the PTA by Stephanie Newman

The storyline deals with a tough and heart wrenching subject that the author handles with a mostly believable, funny at times storyline. 

The main characters are a mom and her 10 year old daughter, who after suffering a cancelled wedding, move to a new home in a different area.

My heart broke for Rachel and all she endured. She was my favorite character. I found myself questioning her mom's flawed relationship  and career judgements. Victoria should have worried more about her daughter than her new relationship.

I didn't care for the many super detailed areas in the book though. At times I felt like, after putting the book down for a few days, I opened it on the wrong page because it was describing something again.

Overall, I do recommend reading it, the story is sad, with the craziest characters ever. 

I was supplied this book for free, from the publisher, for my honest review.